Akseki - Antalya Destination


Akseki, which was known as Marla in the past, lies to the east of the Manavgat River. The villages to the north of the Konya Plain and the villages in the coastal district of Manavgat migrate completely to the plateaus of the Akseki Mountains during summer. Akseki, with its well-preserved natural and traditional setting, has continued as an important crossroad connecting Alanya and to a lesser extent theSide/Manavgat region to Central Anatolia throughout history.


The traditional and earthquake-proof architecture of Akseki make it a worthwhile place to visit. In terms of preserving its traditional lifestyle Akseki, like İbradı, is exemplary. With its stone cobbled roads and historic yet comfortable houses, Akseki attracts many local and foreign tourists vacationing in Manavgat and surrounding areas


Akseki is a traditional Taurus mountain district, and the unique domestic and religiousarchitecture there and in neighbouring villages have begun to be restored in recent years.This restoration and repopulation work was made possible by the support of the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage (ÇEKÜL). Some villages, which were abandoned due to emigration, have started to come to life again. The villages of Sarıhacılar, Bucakilvat and Belenilvat, not far from the district centre, are displayed as models of a successful regeneration project for the whole of Anatolia.


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