Diving Points in Alanya - Antalya Destination


An important feature of this popular tourism destination is that most of the diving sites are situated around the city centre and the coastline of Alanya Castle.  Thanks to these qualities, several dives a day can be made and there are 50,000 dives per year on average. The interesting flora, the variety of underwater marine life and the Mediterranean monk seal make Alanya a popular destination in this regard.

There are 13 diving sites in the district: Aquarium, Amphora, Pirate, Terrace, Middle Cave, Lovers Cave, East and West Divarda, Phosphorus Cave, Kırıktaş, Tunnel, Rambo and the Artificial Reef. A former police boat was brought to Alanya from Istanbul in 2006 in two pieces and was sunk off the coast of Alanya. It has the distinction of being Turkey’s first artificial reef.


It is approximately 4-5 minutes from Alanya by boat. The depth varies between 4 to 25 metres. Dives for educational purposes usually take place in the region. The seabed consists of rock and seaweed. Here octopus, scorpion fish, moray eels, groupers, sergeant fish can be seen in abundance.


This is the second nearest diving location to the harbour and takes 5 minutes to reach by boat. Its name comes from the many amphora shards that litter the area. The region is approximately 29 metres deep and is home to a great variety of marine life. The surface is rocky, and fish species like dusky groupers, moray eels, octopus, stingrays and grey triggerfish are often seen.

Pirate Cave

Pirates played a crucial role in Alanya’s history, which adds to the mystery of the region. This cave is the most popular diving spot off Alanya and is a feasible dive for both inexperienced and experienced divers.  The distance from Alanya Harbour is 8-10 minutes. Its depth varies from 10 to 32 metres. Divers are pleasantly surprised when they stumble upon a shipwreck at a depth of 25 metres. The entrance of the cave is at a depth of 12 metres. There is an ancient millstone 1 metre in diameter right at the entrance of the cave. The stones in the cave reflect the light, and create a fascinating fiesta of colours. This particular dive is very safe.

Middle Cave

Middle Cave is 14 minutes away from Alanya Harbour. It has a minimum depth of 15 metres and a maximum depth of 34 metres.  The cave's entrance is located at a depth of 15 metres.  This site is ideal for experienced divers and deep-water diving. The surface is rocky. Here, one might encounter dusky groupers, octopus, brown meagre, moray eels and sea breams.

Lovers Cave

The depth of this area is between 10 to 34 metres. It is a suitable place both for inexperienced and experienced divers. The seabed is mainly rocky. It has a rich underwater life. An ancient anchor is located at 20 meters depth. There is a small and enclosed cave at the foot of the mountain at a depth of 4 metres. Its sailing distance to Alanya Harbour is 15 minutes.

Phosphorescent Cave

This cave is located 20 minutes by boat from Alanya Harbour.  The depth of this area is between 8 to 33 metres.  There are two different caves: one at a depth of 5 metres and the other at a depth of 12 metres.  The seabed is rocky and the area has a rich marine life. This site is suitable for both licensed divers and trainees.  Night diving is also possible.


This is a tunnel lying west of the castle with its entrance and exit located at 13 meters depth. The boat travel time to Alanya Harbour is approximately 25 minutes. The width of the tunnel is between 3-6 metres and its length is about 42 metres. There are also small pockets (chambers) to be found and a rich underwater life.


Rambo is among the most popular diving points in the Alanya region with more than 50 thousand dives take place every year. A seal, named “Zehra” by divers, adds to the appeal of the site. It is approximately 25 minutes to the harbour and in close proximity to the world famous Cleopatra Beach. The entrance of the cave lies at a depth of 13 metres and is large enough to accommodate 4-5 divers side by side. A seven-metre long tunnel leads the divers to the cave that is semi-filled with oxygen.  The air pocket above the surface can reach more than 10 metres. The stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are definitely worth seeing. They are said to resemble Damlataş Cave, one of the most visited sites of Alanya. The seabed of the cave is sandy and is also home to a seal. If you are lucky, you might get to see “Zehra” inside the cave.

East and West Dilvarda

There are two separate diving locations on the eastern and western side of the peninsula where Alanya Castle is located. The distance to the harbour is two hours. The seabed is mainly rocky. Both places show similar characteristics. Their depth varies between 5-40 metres. This is a highly suitable for beginner divers.

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