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Altınbeşik Cave National Park

The Altınbeşik Cave National Park takes its name from the cave of the same name and is situated within Ürünlü Village (Unulla) in the Ormana (Erymna) area of İbradı district. It is approximately 200 km2 large.

The underground lake accumulates the source waters of the Manavgat River before it transforms into a river and it is a true natural wonder that can also be traversed by boat. The Altınbeşik Cave Lake is part of the submerged waters of Lake Gembos. The water discharged from Manavgat River has carved out anatural bridge in the cave and unusual formations in cave walls document and demonstrate the power of this flow.

The extraordinary formations of the Altınbeşik Cave and the unperturbed natural environment around the area evoke admiration among visitors. The number of visitors has increased since road improvements were made and recreational facilities at the entrance of the cave were built. On the other hand, the meticulously preserved Ürünlü Village in the Akseki-İbradı region reflects the architecture of all structures unique to Anatolia. It is an unforgettable experience for the visitor to walk around with the guidance of the hospitable villagers.

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