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Antalya is perched on cliff formations known as falez that offer a wonderful opportunity for those who want to spend their day diving. The French Wreck, which has been the subject of manydocumentaries, and the area around Sıçan Island are other important diving locations in Antalya.

French Wreck

Situated right at the entrance of Antalya’s harbour, this French military transport ship lies at a depth of 20-32 metres. This wreck belonged to the French warship “St. Didier” which was sunk during the war in 1942 just 1 kilometre out from Antalya’s harbour. In salvage operations conducted in 1946 and 1974, large parts of the ship’s cargo were removed. Disguised as a hospital ship, it was carrying ammunition and jeeps intended for the desert.  Not much is left from the shipwreck, but it still attracts the interest of divers. The boat traffic in the vicinity is an important issue that has to be considered, because of its proximity to the harbour’s entrance. Permission from the Governorship of Antalya must be obtained before diving in this spot.

Falez Cliffs

Antalya has two beaches of different charm on opposite ends of the city: Those who prefer sand will prefer Lara Beach, while others prefer Konyaaltı Beach with its pebbles glistening under the sun. Your expectations will not be in vain and at either beach you will be amply rewarded. Both beaches vie with each other as the preferred beach, and each offers a different experience for the visitors. The cliff formations known as falez are located between these two beaches and are highly suitable for diving. We should note that these cliffs are only to be found in Antalya and surround the shores of the city.

The height of the cliff formations vary from 14 to 25 metres. They are ideal for free divers since they are easily accessible. The area below the variant leading to Konyaaltı Beach is especially noteworthy. You can descend to a depth of 25 metres, where you can see the breathtaking falez cliffs submerged underwater and observe the aquatic ecosystem. Fresh water seeps from the rocks and mixes with sea water, resulting in very clear diving conditions that never fail to surprise divers.

Sıçan Island

This island is popular with divers and is situated across Topçam, a favourite beach and picnic area and lies a few kilometres to the west of Antalya’s large commercial port.  Its west coast overlooking the beach is shallow. The floor is usually covered with fine sand. The most interesting part of the island is the northeast coast. The bottom reaches a depth of up to 22 metres and offers pleasant scenery. At the same time, a small cave to the east creates a nice surprise for divers. Though the wind blowing from the west doesn’t create any waves, it may cause strong surface currents depending on its severity. Precautions have to be taken for this reason. We remind those who wish to embark on a day trip to the island that there is busy boat traffic in the area.

Dornier Wreck

A Dornier military aircraft, which entered service with the Turkish Air Force in 1968 and also took part in the Cyprus Peace Operation, was scrapped in 1998 and sunk off Antalya’s Yacht Harbour in 2010 for the purpose of diving tourism. The wreck lies at a depth of 25 metres.

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