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Antalya Medical Tourism Platform

Antalya has been steadily gaining prominence in the health field over the last few years thanks to its organ transplants and hospitals providing treatment at the highest international standards.

Whereas Antalya is one of the foremost destinations in the world regarding summer, cultural and sports tourism, it still needs to find its rightful place in medical tourism. The “Antalya Medical Tourism Platform” was established so that Antalya can tap into the huge potential in the international health market. The aim of the Platform, which was launched under the direction of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) and with the cooperation of Antalya Promotion and Tourism Development Inc. is to promote Antalya as a medical destination in a systematic way. The members of the Platform include healthcare facilities, professional chambers, travel agencies, airlines and insurance companies. Among our goals are to take part in international medical tourism exhibitions & fairs and prepare catalogues to create awareness about the health services offered in Antalya.

The members of the Antalya Medical Tourism Platform as of 01.10.2012 are listed below:


Public Institutions

Antalya Provincial Directorate of Tourism and Culture

T +90(242) 247 76 60

F +90(242) 248 78 70


Antalya Provincial Directorate of Health

T +90(242) 228 48 48

F +90(242) 228 50 47


Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

T +90(242) 314 37 37

F +90(242) 314 37 38


Antalya Chamber of Physicians

T +90(242) 237 50 75

F+90(242) 237 37 48


Antalya Chamber of Dentists

T +90(242) 237 52 52

F +90(242) 237 55 88


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