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Mountaineering in Antalya

Peering at a big rock face from the bottom makes your palms sweat and it quickens your pulse. Leaving the flat ground below by climbing pitch after pitch of cracks, chimneys and faces, the feeling of hanging in the void in a big rock face is intoxicating and wonderful. Simply being there is outstanding. Observing the steep limestone faces from within the city of Antalya leaves the spectator in awe.

The rocky mountain range rising abruptly from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea west, east and north of Antalya are known as the Beydağları Mountains, an extension of the Taurus Mountains. This range soars to altitudes of 3000 meters and is a huge bulwark of limestone that creates excellent climbing areas in the form of rock bands and big faces. During the past ten years, Antalya has evolved into a world famous sport climbing  destination, but still the potential for traditional multi pitch climbing is almost unknown, undiscovered and virtually unspoilt.

The ideal grey, steep water-worn limestone of the Antalya region lends itself to very good protection with good friction and excellent sharp holds; features that a climber seeks to find and is delighted to scale. It is often very difficult to describe the wonderful feeling of climbing on such good quality rock.

Turkey, where the sport of climbing has been quiet recently introduced, offers diverse rock climbing areas of different quality: short or long, alpine or climbing garden type, trad or sport. Without doubt the karstic walls and crags of the Antalya region is an important piece of this mosaic.

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