Before coming to Antalya - Antalya Destination
Before coming to Antalya

You have made your choice to benefit from health services and a holiday, and you have decided to come to Antalya…

Now, before buying your ticket and boarding an airplane, let’s make sure we’ve covered everything!

-Don’t forget that you also have the opportunity to spend a lovely holiday in Antalya while receiving health treatment. Get your camera ready to capture the city's spectacular nature and historical attractions. There will be so many moments that you will want to immortalise by clicking the shutter button.

-Come along with a loved one or friend instead of enjoying these moments by yourself. Experience the city together, and draw strength from your companion during your treatment.

-The weather in Antalya doesn’t get too cold even in winter. The average temperature during the winter months is around 10-15 degrees Celsius. Please check the weather forecast before your departure and ensure you bring suitable clothing.

-All the hotels in Antalya will provide you with the comfort and convenience you are looking for at a reasonable price. You won’t have any difficulty in the choice for hotels.

-Carefully discuss all your details with your travel agent to ensure that everything is in order.

-Inform your local physician about your upcoming visit. Consider his or her advice about your selection of the hospital and doctor.

-Research thoroughly when choosing your hospital and doctor. Assess your alternatives.

-Have all the information available about your medical history. Inform your physician about your medical history after you arrive in Antalya.

-Check your bank account.

-Don’t forget that your maximum stay in Turkey as a tourist is three months. Bear in mind this three month limit during your treatment.
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