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Flora and Fauna of Belek

In spite of covering a relatively limited area, the natural diversity of Belek’s flora and fauna is quiet varied. The forests in the region are situated on sand dunes and form the most extensivevegetation. The dense Mediterranean stone pine forests are known to be local to the area.Under the dense pine forests are Mediterranean shrubs, and a thick cover of maquis runs towards the beach. These forests are highly rich in the variety of flowers and fauna they possess.Visually, the most beautiful and abundant scenes are also here.

Belek's natural habitat diversity is based on the wealth of its flowers. 58 families, 118 species,and16 subspecies of flowers have been classified. The most abundant flower species are found in the coastal dune vegetation (27 families, 51 species) and in stone pine forests (31 families, 51 species). In 1995, 40 unclassified plant species were identified. The classification of 48 exoticspecies from 28 botanical families was also made.

*While there around 12,000 plant species found throughout Europe, this figure is around 10,000 in Turkey alone.

*Among the 600 endemic plant species that are found in the Mediterranean region, 500 are found in and around Antalya.

*There are more than 118 plant species in Belek and more than 40 are endemic to the area.

*6 plant species grow only in Antalya.

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