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Belek and Natural Habitat

Since Belek had a dense population throughout the years, the number of species that live there is limited to those animals that could adapt to human habitation and small areas.

Close to 200 species of vertebrates are known to inhabit this region. Among these species are 38 mammals, 88 birds, 31 reptiles and 5 amphibians. There are also 51 invertebrate species worthy of note. In the coastal areas of Belek, animal species such as foxes, weasels, squirrels and hedgehogs are often seen. Belek is one of the best areas for bird watching and many bird species use this area as their wintering or nesting location. In addition, rare reptiles such as chameleons, sea turtles, land turtles, and freshwater turtles live undisturbed in these natural habitats.

The World Wildlife Foundation has always emphasised the importance of the coast of Belek to the preservation of the threatened loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). This is because loggerhead sea turtles have very few breeding grounds in the world, Belek being one of them.

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