White and Blue - Antalya Destination

The Magic of White and Blue!

The snow-capped Taurus Mountains gives the region additional splendour. The mountains stretch toward the Mediterranean Sea in all their majesty and are well worth seeing. This natural vista not only symbolises the beauty of the area, but inspires athletic passion.

Antalya is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to ski in Saklıkent at the edge of the Beydağları Mountains, and swim in the deep, blue waters of the Mediterranean all on the same day! The Saklıkent Ski Resort is only 45 kilometers from Antalya and 65 kilometers from Antalya International Airport. There are two slopes of varying levels of difficulty: easy and medium. The resort has two lifts with a capacity of 240 and 340 people per hour and reaches an altitude of 2550 meters. The ski season in Saklıkent does not last very long, but it receives snowfall ranging from 50 to 100 cm.

Davraz, situated 26 kilometers from Antalya’s neighbouring city Isparta and 154 kilometers from Antalya itself, provides another opportunity to participate in winter sports. Mount Davraz prominently rises to an altitude of 2637 meters within the Lakes Region, Eğirdir and Kovada, almost overshadowing the plain of Isparta. The ski season in Davraz last for a long period and it is highly esteemed for the softness and excellent quality of its snow. It offers safe ski trails for amateur skiers and more challenging routes for professionals. These trails have a total length of 4 kilometers.

There is a 1211 meter-long ski lift in Davraz Ski Resort that can carry 1000 people per hour. It is a pleasure to watch the stunning views of Lake Eğirdir from the snow-capped Mount Davraz. It is also an ideal place for adventure addicts who use this station for paragliding

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