The Region’s Rich Aroma - Antalya Destination

The Region’s Rich Aroma and a Breath of Fresh Air!

In the days that connect the months of June and July a festival occurs in Finike, located east of Antalya. Celebrated since 1989, the Finike Festival becomes almost a harvest day for the inhabitants who are mainly engaged in agriculture.

The delicious grapes of the region are labelled with the brand name Likya Wines. The smells of the cedar, pine, juniper trees and endemic plants fill the vineyards and starting from September the grape harvest turns into a joyous occasion.

Antalya also hosts a different kind of harvest festival in the middle of September. The famous Oktoberfest, originally held in Munich, Germany, and celebrated every year as one of the most wellknown festivals of the world, is also celebrated in Antalya and has a fairground feel.

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