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The Meeting Places of the City

Two important arts centres of Antalya’s Kepez district are the Erdem Bayazıt Cultural Centre and Yenimahalle Community Centre. These venues host many concerts, plays, dance performances, panels and meetings over the whole year. The exhibition areas in the entrance hall provide a remarkable contribution to the region’s artistic life.

The Open Air Theatre that is situated in the Beach Park at Konyaaltı Beach has a capacity of more than 4000 people and is an important centre for activities during the long summer nights.

The Arif Nihat Asya Open Air Theatre at the entrance of the Kepez Urban Forest was built and completed last year. It was modelled after ancient theatres and is another important location for concerts and other events.

The excellent climate of Antalya allows visitors to spend time at the beaches and parks. The Karaalioğlu Park in the city centre faces the Gulf of Antalya and the imposing Taurus Mountains. The park has three observation platforms and is worth a visit not least for the bird species and plant variety.

The Antalya City Museum was established in order to preserve the historical memory of Antalya. This museum also organises many open air exhibitions in the park. As a result of very extensive research, a photographic exhibition of the birds of Karaalioğlu Park was put up in the park in January last year. Currently the creative staff of the City Museum are working on another theme to be displayed in May 2013.

This exhibition will have flowers as its main theme and the preparations for it are continuing at a steady pace. The Atatürk House and Museum located at the entrance of the Karaalioğlu Park is also worth seeing.

The observation platforms of Karaalioğlu Park host many events during the summer months. The square beside the Muratpaşa Municipality, the Konyaaltı Town Square that faces the Mediterranean and the Republic Square just beneath the Yivli Minaret are also important centres of open air activities in the summer months. The fountain display in the Republic Square that takes place each Saturday evening and is choreographed to various pieces of world music is always a highlight.

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