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Diving Spots in Antalya

Whilst swimming in the coastal waters of Antalya, you can come across dolphins anytime! But not only dolphins! Hundreds of species, among them the Mediterranean monk seal that is highly endangered and under protection in our country, are ready to embrace and welcome you. Keepyour camera ready to take a picture at any moment!

Five of the top ten recommended diving sites in Turkish waters are located in Antalya. The region also includes 12 major world renowned diving spots. A temperate climate in the area lasting 12 months of the year allows for year-round diving and offers excitement for adrenaline lovers. However, in some areas diving is prohibited, in which case those who want to dive individually should get prior information from diving schools. There are a number of professional diving schools that stand out, and more than half a million dives take place every year. One of the most popular features of Antalya is that it provides a wealth of options for divers of all levels. We have compiled for you a list of the most outstanding diving spots located in the Antalya region.

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