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The Challenge of the Iron Men: Triathlon

Triathlon was first initiated in the Alanya district and is one of the primary sporting events in the Antalya region. A group of businessmen from Alanya attended a triathlon competition whilst abroad and quickly realised how suited this popular sport is to Alanya. After their return to Alanya they established a triathlon club. It did not take long for the sport to become popular and more widespread in the city. This dedication of a handful of sports enthusiasts was soon recognised and supported by the Ministry of Sports. Alanya with its stunning location would entice any athlete and in October 1991, Alanya held its first international triathlon event. The creative, dedicated and hard-working citizens of Alanya successfully rose to this challenge and as a result the exhilarating Ironman competitions have become a recurring tradition in the first week of October each year.

Alanya also hosted the European Triathlon Championships of the European Triathlon Union (ETU) held between 14-16 June, 2013.

The triathlon quest begun by the citizens of Alanya found other enthusiasts in Antalya and the district of Eğirdir in the neighbouring Isparta province. The world-famous race each May starts at Konyaaltı Beach and continues in the streets of Antalya, becoming the scene of a friendly competition between triathletes. Since 2002, a triathlon competition has also been held in the Eğirdir district of Isparta at the end of each August.

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