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Nature and History

Nature and History

The alluvial plain where the two districts of Finike and Kumluca are located, host the rivers of Alakır, Acıçay, Tatlıçay and Aykırçay,rivers that do not even dry up in summer. Thanks to these rivers, Finike is internationally renowned for its citrus fruits and Kumluca has become a major exporting centre of greenhouse farming produce. In the mountains regions of Aykırçay a number of small restaurants serve trout and other local dishes.

The wealth of Finike and Kumluca can be attributed to the pine, juniper and cedar forests on the mountains encircling the plain. Wood from the mountains was transported to the port of Finike by way of the rivers mentioned above and was exported to faraway locations. The ancient cities of Rhodiapolis, Limyra, Arykanda close to Finike and Kumluca owed their affluence to the generosity of nature.

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