Friendship Festival - Antalya Destination

Another Festival which emphasises Friendship!

The town of Kaş, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, was established on the Lycian town of Antiphellos. Known for its vibrant bougainvillea, it has hosted the Lycian Culture and Arts Festival since 1995. The performers of the Antalya State Opera and Ballet hold dance performances and other acts in the month of June each year in the magical atmosphere of the ancient theatre, delivering its international and local audience an unforgettable experience. The ancient theatre of Antiphellos, which was built in the 1st century BC and looks toward the sea, is used as the staging location of the festival.


Lycian Culture and Arts Festival

The festival, which honours the name of Lycia, also includes the participation of the inhabitants of the Greek island of Megisti just across from Kaş. This makes the event much more special and meaningful in the name of good neighbourliness and friendship between the two nations.

Calendar of Events