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One special event that brings together people from near and far are weddings. With the intervention of the village elders, families of the prospective bride and groom have to agree on the marriage, whereupon the prospective bride’s hand in marriage is asked for. As soon as the family of the prospective bride gives their approval, the wedding can go ahead. Once the date of the wedding is determined, wedding invitations known as “oku” in the form of handkerchiefs, towels, shirts and headscarves are sent to the tribes. Those who receive the “oku” are considered to be invited to the wedding.

After the wedding ceremony, which can last for a few days, the groom fetches the bride and arrives at his home on horseback accompanied by drums and pipes. Another indispensable part of nomadic and village weddings is the planting of the wedding flag. A wedding without the raising of the flag is unthinkable.

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