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Elmalı and Surroundings

Elmalı, which is located north of the Lycian (Teke) Peninsula, has been continually inhabited since ancient days. It is blessed with richwater sources, arable land and mountains that are covered with cedar forests which were regarded as the most valued trees in the Mediterranean basin.The excavations carried out in Bozhöyük south of Elmalı and Hacımusalar Höyük (Mound) to the southwest reveal much about the history, not only of the region, but the history of the whole of Anatolia. The digs made near the Bayındır village east of Elmalı uncovered artefacts belonging to the Phrygians and created great excitement among archaeologists. The Treasure of Elmalı found in the vicinity of Gökpınar brought further insight to the region’s history. Elmalı is a steadily evolving region and a significant centre of historical value that attracts visitors from near and far.

The villages surrounding the fertile Elmalı Valley still continue the way of life and production of their forbears. This valley serves as a gateway and connects the ports of Finike, Demre(Andriake), and Patara to Western Anatolia.

The rich cultural background of Elmalı is also reflected in the town’s layout and architecture. The unique houses of Elmalı are constructed by using wood and mud brick materials and are admired for their practical layout. Elmalı deserves to be acknowledged among the most important cultural centres of the region. Many streets, neighbourhoods, fountains, squares, mosques and tombs carry the names of inhabitants.

Many famous religious figures and activists lived in Elmalı and the reason for this probably comes from it being an agricultural town. One of the most important names in Bektashism, Abdal Musa,lived and died in the Tekke village in the 14th century. Another renowned religious figure and thinker Sinan-ı Ümmi lived in Elmalı in the 16th century.

Gömbe at the western edge of Elmalı Valley is a popular excursion spot for the people of Kaş, Demre, Finike and Elmalı. Its unique natural beauty and fertile lands compel many local and international guests to visit the area.

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