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Not Fantasy, Face to Face

Regularly performing kidney, heart, liver, and cornea transplants, the Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Hospital attracted worldwide attention after carrying out the world's first uterus transplant, double-arm transplant and full-face transplants. Among the hospital’s future goals are small intestine and larynx transplants.

Swedish doctors carried out the world’s second uterus transplant together with Dr. Ömer Özkan and his team in Antalya, Turkey. Scientific institutes in the USA and Japan have begun discussions with the hospital since these successful transplants.


Reminiscent of a fantasy movie, but resulting in successful and very tangible results, the head of the Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Hospital’s Institute of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Ömer Özkan and his team, carried out Turkey’s first and the world’s 16thdouble arm transplant on 25 September 2010. Recipient Cihan Topal considers the day of the transplant as his new birthday and celebrated the second anniversary with the surgical team by serving them cake with his own hands.


Dr. Ömer Özkan performed the world's first uterus transplant on 8 August 2011 in an operation lasting more than seven hours. The womb was received by a 20-year old woman and this operation created ripples around the world. If pregnancy occurs, a whole new chapter will open.


After carrying out the double-arm and uterus transplants, Dr. Ömer Özkan and his team performed Turkey’s first face transplant on 21 January 2012, to recipient Uğur Acar. On 15 May 2012 the first full-face transplant was carried out and the patient Turan Çolak, unlike Uğur Acar, had both ears and scalp transplanted as well. Acar and Çolak, who were once isolated from society, now have a new lease on life with their new faces.

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