Mingling with the Crowds - Antalya Destination

The Perfect Time for Mingling with the Crowds . . .

Antalya has a privileged location in terms of history and wonderful nature and it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Besides offering a rich calendar of events, the region is steeped in arts and is full of surprises.

The festivals and artistic events which are spread all over the region, give Antalya another enticing aspect beyond the traditional sea, sun and sand tourism. All the branches of the arts are well represented in the region, which is host to many lively events.

It is a privilege to watch a ballet or an opera at the Aspendos Ancient Theatre that has witnessed hundreds of years of history. Any visitor will no doubt come away with a feeling of immense satisfaction as they have experiencing such an occasion.

Since Antalya is a region of festivals twelve months of the year it is always possible for visitors to attend an event. Simply arrange the time and then select one or more of the festivals that interest you!

The warm-hearted people of the region invite you to be their guest and share in the experience of these events.


Calendar of Events