Diving Points in Finike - Antalya Destination


This pretty district has a limited number of tourist facilities and its economy is largely based on agriculture. But it possesses a very fascinating diving spot that still remains an enigma.

Suluin Cave

The Suluin Cave, which is located in the Finike district, is considered to be the longest underwater cave in Asia and still remains a mystery. It is referred to as the İncirli or Gök Cave by the local population, but is only suitable for professional divers.

The Underwater Group of Akdeniz University and the Underwater Research and Application Centre established a team that made several dives in this area and also made camera shoots. The team found remains of bones and pottery at a depth of 45 metres, which was recorded on camera. Dr. Mehmet Gökoğlu, led a team who made several dives to the cave. Gökoğlu mentions that the cave went through a dry period, and that between a depth of 40 to 70 metres in the caves, there are stalactites hanging down like thin pencils. According to him this demonstrates that the cave went through a dry period in ancient eras. Gökoğlu also says that diving into the caves is highly dangerous and that the stalactites could break off at even the slightest vibration causing serious damage.

In 1995 the American diver Jarros Jablonski and his team made a descent to the Suluin Cave and reached a verified depth of 122 metres . However, the boundaries and the depth of the cave are still not exactly known. The same year an amateur German group also made an attempt, but this unfortunately led to the deaths of two divers. Today the cave still holds its mystery. In order to make a dive to Suluin Cave one needs to obtain the permission from the Subgovernorate of Finike.

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