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Antalya Ignites Youth Fever

With the arrival of the school year, the Youth Festival starting in the first week of May will be hosting the best rock groups of Turkey. These concerts are held in the open air venues of Atatürk Park where for a week a concert by a different group takes place every evening. This burst of youthful energy then re-emerges in the middle of the month with the University Youth Festival that is held on the campus of Akdeniz University. The campus hosts many famous Turkish artists and groups during this weeklong event.


University Youth Festival

With the advent of spring, the season of festivals arrives and encompasses the whole region. Each year in May, Side is host to the Side Air Show, where planes give stunning aerial displays over the skies of the ancient peninsula. The 13th International Alanya Tourism and Arts Festivalwill begin in the last week of May 2013 and offers a different atmosphere centring on the theme of friendship. Each year, a sister city of Alanya is welcomed as a guest of honour. The culture of the guest country is showcased along with Turkish culture in many events, which turn the festival into a colourful folklore celebration.


Side Air Show

Russian Culture Days are organised by the Russian citizens of Antalya who call this city home and who would like to preserve and showcase their heritage. This festive event that brings many colourful scenes is quickly followed by the 5-day long Antalya International Jazz Festival.


Antalya International Jazz Festival

Simultaneously Konaklı located in the district of Alanya is host to a tourism festival that lasts three days while Oba Municipality holds itsTourism Culture, Arts and Orange Festival.

The excavations made over the years have revealed the ancient city of Rhodiapolis, located just 4 kilometers from the town of Kumluca in the west of Antalya. Although not conclusive, the ancient theatre is thought to be built by settlers from Rhodes. While excavations in this venue are still being carried out, symphony orchestras have regularly given performances there since 2006.

In June 2013 the Manavgat Peace Water Culture, Arts, Youth and Tourism Festival will be held for the 13th time. In the same period the 4th Manavgat Motorcycle Festival will also be held with the participation of more than 2000 motorcyclists. Motorcyclists from all over the country will bring excitement to the local population and tourists in the cool environment of the Manavgat River.

The Golden Pomegranate Festival takes place in the middle of June and has been held annually since 2003. This festival is celebrated in a fun environment with guests coming to Kemer from all over the world.


The Golden Pomegranate Festival

In the days that connect the months of June and July a festival occurs in Finike, located east of Antalya. Celebrated since 1989, the Finike Festival becomes almost a harvest day for the inhabitants who are mainly engaged in agriculture.

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