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The Sound of Piano Tunes, Guitar and Literature echo in the Streets of the City

Another source of pride of the region is the InternationalAntalya Piano Festival that is held during November and December each year. The artistic director of this festival is the Turkish composer and pianist Fazıl Say. Many world-famous performers participate in the festival every year, which consists of ten concerts and takes place in the Aspendos Hall of the Antalya Cultural Centre (AKM). Over the years it has hosted many piano virtuosos of international repute. The well-known jazz pianist and composer Chick Corea and other respected musicians such as Buika and the Brad Mehldau Trio, who fuse flamenco, jazz, soul and funk music, are just a few who have participated in this festival.


International Antalya Piano Festival

In April 2013 the fifth International Choir Festival will be held and there is no doubt that this will create a new sensation among the activities organised in the region. Numerous Turkish and international choirs participate in the Antalya International Choir Festival which takes place in the Aspendos Hall of the Antalya Cultural Centre and is organised by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Active Philosophy Association.


International Choir Festival

In the middle of February, the 5-day long International Guitar Festival is also held in the Antalya Cultural Centre where many Turkish and international musicians congregate.


International Guitar Festival

The Golden Orange Poetry Awards are held each year in March. This event is arranged so that it coincides with World Poetry Day on 21st March. This is a unique event in Turkey where the awards are determined by a jury who select the recipients by evaluating published poetry books from the preceding year. The recipient of the Golden Orange Poetry Award has a symposium convened in his or her honour the following year, where his or her poems are assessed by poets who in turn present papers about them. The papers presented in the symposium are published in the same year and serve as a record of the Golden Orange Poetry Awards and Symposium.


The Golden Orange Poetry Awards

Another poetry event has become an annual tradition every March, and is held in the art gallery of the Antalya Artists’ Association (ANSAN). This 3-day event carries on in a festive atmosphere where story days, Mediterranean poetry, the commemoration of deceased poets, and interviews, panels and conferences with the participation of Turkey’s most famous authors and poets take place.

A group of artists from ANSAN started to arrange poetry evenings in 1996, always on a full moon. These poetry evenings were held in different and interesting parts of the city. They are now held under the name of the Full Moon Platform and poetry lovers meet at the Konyaaltı Beach around a bonfire where poems are recited to the accompaniment of the saz, ud or guitar. On rainy or cold winter days these meetings are held indoors, with participants bringing along hot beverages and spending an unforgettable evening together.

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