Growtech Eurasıa - Antalya Destination

Growtech Eurasia
The largest agricultural exhibition in Turkey, Growtech Eurasia took place for the 14th time from 03-06 December 2014 at the Antalya Expo Center and brought together the leading actors in the sector.

As a remarkable agriculture fair from a vast geography stretching the European and Balkan countries to the Middle East, from North Africa to the Turkic Republics, Growtech Eurasia has been hosting numerous exhibitors and visitors since 2001.

Growtech Eurasia Fair, which has become more influential on the international arena and grown steadily year by year, has a special category of “Farming Equipments and Animal Breeding” for the first time this year. You will have the chance of getting to know greenhouse, agriculture technologies and equipments, irrigation systems, seed growing, seedling growing, arboriculture, landscaping and organic agriculture products and services proven to be successful on national and international platforms. Turning into a celebration with the special category of “Farming Equipments and Animal Breeding”, the Growtech Eurasia Fair will become a centre of attraction for a great deal of visitors involved in agriculture and animal breeding.

In 2013, the fair hosted more than 600 national and international exhibitors and 70,238 visitors at a 35.000-square meter fair ground.

Just like every year, Growtech Eurasia organised several events aimed at improving the trading activities in agriculture sector. As Growtech Eurasia 2014, we hosted the seventh Growtech Agriculture Awards.

Comprehensive seminar programs were scheduled during the fair for sharing experiences of leading institutions and companies of the Turkish agriculture sector and introducing recent practices in modern agriculture informing not only producers and entrepreneurs but also academics and scientists about the recent agricultural events.
Calendar of Events