Güllük Mountain - Antalya Destination

Güllük Mountain (Termessos) National Park

The Güllük Mountain National Park, where the ancient city of Termessos is located, covers an area of ​​approximately seven thousand hectares.

This national park is 25 kilometres northwest of Antalya’s city centre. The main attraction, Termessos, was among the cities of Pisidia, a region bordering Pamphylia that has remained relatively untouched because of its remoteness. It attracts numerous visitors each year not only for the ancient city itself, but also due to the biological diversity of the wildlife around it.

Termessos has an interesting place in history and is referred to as the “impenetrable city” because of its unique location. Visitors are impressed by its imposing theatre, odeon, gymnasium, cisterns, necropolis (ancient theatre) and many remains spread over a fairly large area.

There is also an information centre and various dining and recreational facilities, which cater to the needs of visitors, providing them with a pleasant experience following a memorable trip.

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