İbradı - Antalya Destination


İbradı is the smallest district of Antalya in terms of the area it covers. It is notable for its naturalenvironment and cultural features. This small locale is famous for providing many jurists for the Ottoman justice system and statesmen, whose reputation went far beyond its borders. Theaffluent residents of İbradı, built mansions, fountains, mosques, well-kept vegetable gardens and orchards with the portion of their wealth. The impact on the culture can still be seen today.

The authentic architecture and traditional culture of the town of Ormana (Erymna) a few kilometers south complements İbradı. The Avlasun Road (Yaylaalan) which runs along the western shores of the Manavgat River and links the region to Manavgat/Side, passes throughtheextraordinary landscapes of the mountains and the sea. Ürünlü Village (Unulla) situated on this road is one of the most popular attractions because of its traditional architectural fabric. Another popular site is Altınbeşik Cave after which the national park is named.

Altınbeşik Cave

Another ancient road of interest in the region is the famous Kesik Beli Road. This road passes through the Eynif Valley 15 kilometres south of İbradı and connected Antalya and Side to Central Anatolia. The Tol Han is one of the historical buildings dating from the Seljuk period worth a visit.

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