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Old City

Old City

Antalya was established in the second century BC by the King of Pergamum Attalos II on the northernmost edge of the Gulf of Pamphylia, at the bay where todays harbour is situated. The harbour was chosen because it didn’t accumulate silt and because of the freshwater resources nearby. The city was encircled with city walls in the century following its establishment. There are many gates built along the city walls leading to the harbour. The most imposing gate was built in the name of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who visited Antalya in the 2ndcentury. The gate still stands today.

The area within the city walls was divided into living and production areas. Harbour structures, residences, streets connecting the different quarters, shrines, baths, fountains, agoras, administrative and military buildings and breakwaters to secure the harbour were built. With the beginning of Seljuk rule in the 13th century, two separate inner walls were built due to security concerns. Thus it was divided into three different living quarters connected to each other through several gates. According to historical sources, the city began to grow beyond the city walls, and with an increase in the dense settlements around it, began to be known as Kaleiçi (Inner Castle).

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