Diving Points in Kalkan - Antalya Destination


The waters of Kalkan are ideal for divers who want to dive professionally. The currents, strong winds, deep diving, ecosystem, and ancient shipwrecks demonstrate the wealth of the region’s diving attractions. The ability of dusky groupers to stand almost still against the strong currents has to be seen. Sea turtles, tuna, stingrays and sharks are among the animals inhabiting the area. The area offers many possibilities for the new beginners.

The Patara Canyon is awash with a large variety of corals and sponge. The Fener wall which descends from 11 metres to a depth of 132 metres teems with life and is very colourful. Öksüz Island has many species belonging to the shark family.

Blue Cave

The Blue Cave lies at the coast between Kaş and Kalkan. Its distance from Kaş is 18 kilometres, while it is six kilometres from Kalkan. Located near Kaputaş Beach, it is known that seals used to live inside the Blue Cave. This cave was discovered by the geologist Dr. Temuçin Aygen in 1972.  The rays of the sun enter the cave, being reflected from under the surface of the sea and creating bright blue phosphorescent light. The cave is 50 metres long, 40 metres wide and 15 metres high.

The Duchess of York - Sakarya Wreck

This shipwreck starts from a depth of 5 metres along the gradually descending wall.  It was a large cargo ship which sank around 90 years ago. The stern lies at a depth of 15-20 metres. This part of the dive is suitable for less experienced divers. The bow of the ship lies at a depth of 45-60 metres and should only be attempted by expert divers.

French Wall

This is a steep wall that lies on the eastern edge of Kalkan Bay and is only 15 minutes from the harbour by boat. This steep wall descends to a depth of 60-80 metres underwater. It is a wonderful experience for those who want to sense floating underwater. Many marine creatures can be found along the wall such as moray eels, squids and seabreams.


These islands are visible to the naked eye from Kalkan and are among the most visited spots by divers. The Rat and Snake Island lie at the centre of the currents that flow from the open sea to Kalkan. These currents have resulted in many strange formations, which make the region stand out as a peculiar diving spot. This area is also very suitable for snorkel dives. The Rat Island to the north is ideal for beginners due to its calm waters.  The wall which is found on the southern edge of Snake Island descends to a depth of 80-100 metres and offers very different alternatives. You are highly likely to encounter tunas, groupers, skates and barracudas.

This small bay lies at the West of Kalkan Bay and is an area that is covered with sand and seaweed. It is an ideal place for those who are starting to dive and visibility is around 20-25 metres which makes this diving location even more interesting. Many sea creatures will accompany you during your dives.

Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef reaches a depth of around 30 metres. At 13 metres there is a giant reef, with clear visibility. Natural ridges and protrusions provide a very nice backdrop. The bottom of the sea is covered with rocks and sand in some places. It is a suitable location for all those who like to dive and it is also an ideal point for beginners enjoy a pleasant surprised.

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