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Running Together!

Antalya is layed out with spacious parks and offers extremely convenient areas for running. The region also has a number of events for those interested in competitive running.

The Olympos Marathon held every October passes through a track full of natural beauty. Olympos is situated 85 kilometers from Antalya and is known for its unique natural and historical landscape.

The region is also the nesting ground for the loggerhead sea turtle (caretta caretta) and is under protection. This marathon is organised by the South Antalya Tourism Development and Infrastructure Operations Union (GATAB) and begins in the breathtaking trails of Olympos and ends in Kemer.

The inhabitants of Kemer welcome the New Year by joining together in a Public Run, which takes place on 31 December each year.

The Runtalya Marathon held under the slogan of “As Long As You Run” this year, is the staple event of Antalya’s running calendar, attracting many international athletes as well as local runners. Colourful scenes can be seen during this race which takes place in the streets of Antalya. The next Runtalya will commence at 10:00 on the morning of Sunday, March 3rd 2013. Hundreds of competitors from all five continents and from Antalya are expected to attend.

We turn east to Alanya for another event. The Turkish Athletics Federation and the Alanya Municipality annually hold the Alanya Atatürk Public Run and Half Marathon, which is held in the last week of February.

Calendar of Events