Caves - Antalya Destination


The limestone structures of the Taurus Mountains make it suited to cave formations. Alanya is one of the most abundant areas in Anatolia in terms of the number of caves. The Damlataş Cave,which was coincidentally discovered near the city centre, is one of these. The cave is said to relieve those who suffer from asthma and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. The Kadıini Cave in the vicinity of Oba village 15 kilometres north of Alanya is an important site where prehistoric artefacts were discovered. The cave is easy to reach and the Oba River, which flows beside the cave, has recreation areas on both shores.

The extensive Dim Cave at the eastern edge of Dim Valley is a site worth seeing. The cave is approximately 300 meters long and is covered by many stalactites and stalagmites. The interior lighting gives the cave a special appeal. The walkways enable visitors to explore every nook and corner of the cave.

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