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Discovering the Caves!

The region of Antalya has more than 500 caves on offer for those who want to discover these mystifying and unknown places. Located 30 kilometers from Antalya city center, the Karain Cave in the Yağca village of Döşemealtı district offers plenty of evidence about the dawn of mankind. The cave was continuously used as a habitat in prehistoric times during the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Old Bronze Age. Findings from the excavations inside the Karain Cave are housed in the Karain Museum next to it and are also displayed in the Antalya Archaeological Museum.

Karain Cave

The Sulu İn Cave is situated on the slopes of a mountain north of the town of Evrenseki within the Manavgat district. The cave was given its name by the local population, and its walls are decorated with early Christian frescoes. It is believed that this cave served as a central location where religious ceremonies were conducted in secret during the first years of Christianity. The images of Jesus’ mother, the Virgin Mary, and other saints are displayed on the cave walls.

Even though there are over 500 caves in and around Antalya, the vast majority of them are not open for tourism. For this reason, the caves around Antalya are still left to be discovered by tourists who would like to experience something outside the usual tourist routes. Such explorations, along with other natural attractions and getting to meet with the locals, will make this an enjoyable and worthwhile journey.

Zindan Cave - Isparta, Aksu

Turkey’s longest cave, with a length of 16 kilometers is located within the boundaries of the neighbouring province of Isparta.

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