Diving Points in Manavgat - Antalya Destination


B-24 Amerikan Fighter Plane Wreck

In August 1944, a B-24 American fighter plane on a return trip to its base in Cyprus was probably shot when flying over the Aegean Sea. It managed to fly all the way to Manavgat but finally crashed into the sea 200 meters off the coast. The crew were saved by the inhabitants of Çenger village. In 1995, one of the surviving aircraft personnel, Roy Newton, came to the region together with a cameraman. He went to the exact place where the wreck was situated and dived to the spot making some film footage. He also met the villagers who had saved him all those years ago.

In 1995, an attempt to salvage the plane wreck was made and the cockpit was brought up to the shore. It was displayed in the gendarmerie station of Çenger village for a while and was later sent to Istanbul. The other parts of the body and the tail of the plane lie 200 metres off Dilkum, which is 25 kilometres from Manavgat on the way to Alanya. There are no signs indicating the position of the plane and special permission has to be obtained for a dive.

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