Why Antalya? - Antalya Destination

-Even during the winter months, the weather in Antalya is between 10-15 degrees Celsius. This makes a pleasant environment for those arriving for treatment and for holidays, something unheard of in many other cities.

-Turkey, considered the gateway between Europe and Asia, is a highly preferred destination for its geographical proximity to many countries.


-It is easily accessible by air, sea and land. There are direct flights to Antalya from many international cities.


-As soon as tourists arrive in the city, they will have access to world-class facilities and opportunities where their every need will be met. Luxurious and modern hotels, well-equipped hospitals, specialists and agency representatives will be at your service.


-Tourists coming for medical tourism will have many price advantages.


-The high cost of health expenditures in many countries compels patients to come to Antalya, Turkey. Here, it is possible to access healthcare services for one-half or one-third of the price quoted in most European countries.


-You will be able to get high quality healthcare service for one-third the price and don’t be surprised that you will still have ample money left after spending the holiday of your lifetime… Put aside that money for your next year’s holiday in Antalya.


-Doctors and healthcare workers who speak foreign languages eliminate potential problems that may arise in communication.


-The rich history and culture of Antalya, spectacular nature, modern tourist facilities offering high quality service, create many unforgettable holiday opportunities before, during and after the treatment process.


-The easing of visa requirements, particularly with Middle Eastern countries, and the steadily developing political and cultural relations has led to an increase in the number of visitors from these countries.


-Long waiting lists and treatment processes in many countries compel foreigners to seek treatment in Turkey. In Antalya patients will not face this concern.


-Turkey with its excellent and affordable health services has the capacity to provide medical tourism services to millions of people from all over the world and primarily from neighbouring countries.


-The hospitals are regularly audited by JCI and other independent accreditation bodies and are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and well-accredited physicians.

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