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Three of Turkey’s most important cultural institutions, all under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, are represented in Antalya. The Antalya State Symphony Orchestra, Antalya State Opera and Ballet, and Antalya State Theatre provide an invaluable contribution to the cultural scene of the city and the region, and takes on an important role in the arts scene.


Antalya State Opera and Ballet

Antalya State Symphony OrchestraThe Antalya State Opera and Ballet was founded in 1999 and has a substantial place in the cultural and artistic scene of the city. The Antalya State Opera and Ballet first lifted its curtains with a performance of the Csárdás Princess by Emmerich Kalman. The performances are held in the Haşim İşcan Cultural Centre. This institution has one of the largest and most dedicated troupes in the city and consists of 180 soloists, chorists, an orchestra and ballet dancers.

The Antalya State Symphony Orchestra, which also serves as the accompanying orchestra for the Antalya Piano Festival, offers a varied programme for their audience every Friday at 20:00 between the months of October and May. The concerts are held at the Antalya Cultural Centre or AKM during the season. The orchestra hosts many soloists and conductors from Turkey and abroad and organises concerts in the city squares for the enthusiastic masses during spring and summer. The concert held at the city square of Muratpaşa last summer is fondly remembered in Antalya.

Haşim İşcan Cultural Centre

The Atatürk Cultural Park Complex also includes the iconic Glass Pyramid, and is used as a meeting and exhibition area. Visitors can spend some delightful time there before the start of a concert. Before or after an event concert-goers can also take a stroll in the park that lies immediately behind Konyaaltı Beach and extends to the west. The sight of the majestic Beydağları Mountains across the bay never fail to impress.

The Haşim İşcan Cultural Centre has a distinguished place in the cultural life of Antalya and accommodates the Antalya State Theatre and the Antalya State Opera and Ballet. It is possible to watch opera and ballet performances or matinée and soirée plays between the months of October and May.


The ABT Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Theatre Group

The ABT Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Theatre Group, established in 1983, stages plays in their own theatre, located at the entrance of the Karaalioğlu Park. The same group also organises a theatre festival open to high school theatre groups every May and June.

Another theatre group is the Kepez Municipality Theatre (KBT) which takes stage at the Erdem Bayazıt Cultural Centre and offers many enjoyable moments to Antalya’s theatregoers.

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