Pamphylıa - Antalya Destination


The alluvial plain that stretches more than 100 kilometers along and 40 kilometers inside the eastern shores of the Gulf of Antalya was known as Pamphylia in ancient times. The Taurus Mountains rise to the north of the plain, watering it via numerous rivers and streams stemming from the steady rainwater throughout fall and winter. This area was always known as place of migration, hence the name Pamphylia, “The place of mingled tribes and races.”

At the eastern edge of Pamphylia lies Alanya (Korakesion) and to the West lies Antalya (Attaleia). Between these two important cities are the cities of Side, Aspendos, Sillyum and Perge.

In historical times the Gulf of Antalya was also known as the Gulf of Pamphylia. For this reason, even though it is situated to the west of the Gulf at the peninsula known as Lycia, some regard Phaselis as a Pamphylian city, although Pamphylia is generally considered to include only the five major towns mentioned above. Selinus (Gazipaşa) to the east of Alanya belongs to the region of Cilicia.

The rocky and impregnable peninsula where Alanya is located was once the most famous pirate town in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the 2nd century BC, the pirate Tryphon established a fortress on what was thought to be an unassailable rocky outcrop and made it into a base and shelter.


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