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Almost a hundred kilometers of uninterrupted sandy beaches extend along the coastline east of the Gulf of Antalya, while the western coastline is rugged. There are exceptions to this such as the famous Kaputaş Beach between Kaş and Kalkan which is towered by steep cliffs.

The Akçagerme Beach two kilometers west of Kalkan, and the sandy beaches of Liman Ağzı can only be reached by sea. The Büyük Çağıl and Küçük Çağıl beaches are popular destinations for daytrips. Starting from the west of Kalkan at Yeşilköy, the Gelemiş Beach extends more than 20 kilometers and the sand is of exceptional quality. The most important ruins of West Lycia such as Patara, Letoon andXanthos are located on this strip making it an essential stopover on every tourist's itinerary.

Myra, Andriake, Theimiussa, Simena, Kekova and similar ancient settlements to the east of Kaş have been intertwined with the sea since their establishment. The dramatic and rugged coasts of these areas and Kalkan to the west are outstanding locations for those who preferto swim among these unique rocky coves. The region of Kaş-Kalkan is not only one of the most famous major diving centres of Antalya, but of the whole Mediterranean region. The deep blue waters of the sea and the undisturbed underwater habitat attract an increasing number of divers each year.

The Blue Cave, located a few kilometers to the east of Kaputaş Beach between Kaş and Kalkan, can only be reached by sea and is a must-see which offers a visual feast to visitors.


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