Beaches - Antalya Destination
Nature and History


The beaches between Antalya and Beldibi are within easy reach for day tourists and provide clean and safe access to the sea. Tourist centres such as Beldibi, Göynük, Kiriş (Çamyuva), Tekirova, Çıralı, Olympos, Adrasan are lined up on a north-south axis until Cape Gelidonya where the coastline sharply turns west. Continuing westwards is the small beach of Karaöz, and 20 kilometers beyond that one can find the beaches of Kumluca-Finike, followed by the beaches of Myra/Demre.

The number of hotels decreases once we progress further to the west. All these beaches are open to public access and offer many amenities for the visitors including shopping and eating facilities.

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