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Bring Your Racket And Come!

Tennis is a widely played sport in the Antalya region. It is common to see someone walking along the street with a tennis racket stuffed in the bag. There are hundreds of tennis courts in the area that meet international standards. The Antalya Specialised Tennis and Sports Club (ATİK) in the city of Antalya is a major centre that hosts many national and international tennis tournaments.

Alanya is another focal point which plays host to many tennis tournaments. Beside the Park Alanya Tennis Courts there are a large number of tennis courts in the region.

The ancient town of Side is on the way of becoming another centre of tennis in the region. The Side Tennis Club was completed this year and has one indoor and two outdoor courts. In total there are 26 tennis courts in the area.

Antalya’s hotels boast many world standards courts that are frequently used by tennis players for training purposes especially during the winter months.

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