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To Your Health

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Kazım Doğan and his cardiologist wife Dr. Aynur Doğan are pursuing their long-held dream. These husband and wife physicians provide a relaxing holiday within a natural environment, whilst offering complementary health services.  This hotel is specifically dedicated to health tourism and has the distinction of being the first and only hotel of its kind in Turkey, attracting many tourists from European and Middle Eastern countries.


It is located in Duacı village, fourteen kilometres from the city centre of Antalya and just 30 kilometres from Antalya Airport. It offers a classic holiday experience with integrated healthy living. There are a total of 172 rooms including rooms for guests with special needs. The resort is noted for its wide array of services including cardiology specialists, physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists, dieticians, psychologists, sports and exercise specialists and nurses.


With the help of specialists, healthy nutrition, diet and slimming, mental and physical detox, cardiac rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, neck, waist, back and joint pain treatment programmes, trauma and orthopaedic rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, prosthetic rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation and smoking cessation therapies are provided. In addition, balance and coordination exercises, dental treatment, ozone therapy services are also available.


Emphasising the importance of growing old in a healthy way, Dr. Kazım Doğan’s facility combines both holiday and health, setting it apart from regular tourist facilities.

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