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Taking Care of Your Eyes

You want to spend an unforgettable holiday in Antalya and etch the city's incredible history and nature into your memory. But the outstanding views of the city are obscured by your eyesight and prevent you from getting a clear impression. Perhaps for this reason alone you make holiday plans and then discard them altogether…Well, now is the time to let the plans flourish!

Hospitals in Antalya provide solutions to many health problems by applying the most modern methods of treatment at affordable prices. The same goes for your eyes. After getting the desired eye treatment or cosmetic eye surgery, you may easily continue with your holiday in Antalya.


Specialist eye hospitals provide services to thousands of foreigners each year. Hospitals have special packages for foreign patients that include airline tickets, airport pick-up and accommodation in 4 or 5 star hotels, transfers between the hotel, hospital and airport, pre-examination and examination, surgery, medication and a city tour with a foreign-language speaking guide.


These specialist hospitals provide all the necessary services needed by patients coming to Antalya both for eye surgery and holidays. They also facilitate post-operative examinations in European clinics afterwards. These hospitals specialising in ophthalmology serve thousands of foreign patients every year.

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