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Healthy City gives Health

Antalya is warmed by the Mediterranean sun and culture and has all the ingredients that are vital to a healthy life, including a fresh and temperate climate. Antalya’s healthy population welcomes the world.

Medical tourism is a new and burgeoning field in Antalya. The city has an accommodation capacity of more than half a million and hosts 11 million tourists per year. Antalya is one of the cities that has recognised and uses its strong potential in the field of medical tourism.

Even in winter, when the temperature hovers around 10-15 degrees Celsius, the city has become a top destination for those who want to spend their holidays and receive treatment before returning to their country replenished and healthy.

There are 26 private hospitals (2 of them accredited), 18 medical centres, 22 poly-clinics, 6 branch centres, 9 physiotherapy centres and 23 dialysis centres in the city.

Akdeniz University has strengthened its position in the medical field with successful face, arm and uterus transplants and has enhanced the international reputation of Turkish doctors. The city is also justifiably proud of the achievements of Turkish physicians in live organ transplants. The success in cancer treatment, cardiac health, plastic surgery, dental and eye care and in-vitro fertilisation applications has reached a remarkable level.

The number of medical tourists coming to Turkey increases with each passing year and is expected to reach the one million mark in the next few years. Antalya’s target figure of 1 million should not to be underestimated. Visitors who complete their treatment in hospitals possessing first-rate physicians and equipment are privileged to simultaneously spend an unforgettable holiday sunbathing at the poolside of a modern, five-star hotel against the backdrop of the Beydağları Mountains.
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