Serik - Belek - Antalya Destination


Serik is one of the closest districts to the centre of Antalya. Thanks to its natural and historical environment around a thriving tourism area,it has become a shining star of the region. The tourist region of Belek is situated along a long stretch of sandy beach and shaded by lush pine forests. The accommodation facilities harmoniously surrounded with nature makes Belek an ideal location for holidays. Thanks to the sport of golf in Belek, which is intertwined with nature, it has become one of the major centres of the sport where world-famous celebrities take part in tournaments.

One of Turkey’s foremost rafting waterways, Köprüçay is a major tourist attraction. Dozens of rafting companies provide a pleasurable experience for visitors. This sporting activity enables tourists to see the natural landscape first-hand.
Belek is surrounded by Aspendos a few kilometers to the east, Sillyum to the west and Selge to the north. It offers a rich historic environment that greatly enhances the holiday experience of visitors. However, the region is not only known for its historical richness.

The Turkmen nomads, who use the area around Serik as their traditional winter quarters, have only recently become sedentary. This can also explain the long-lasting relationship between the Turkmens and the highlands. Serik and its surroundings are among the most important regions where tourists interested in culture, rather than just leisure and entertainment, can witness the traditional lifestyles of the villages and highlands.

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