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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an appointment with the hospital in Antalya?

You should contact the hospital of your choice directly by telephone, fax or e-mail.


When scheduling a medical appointment what information should I provide?

You should provide personal information such as your full name as written in your ID, permanent address and telephone number, date of birth and your preferred date of appointment.


What kind of documents and health records do I need to provide?

You should provide all necessary information relating to your medical condition, including x-rays, test results, medical history and medication that you are presently using. Please don’t forget to bring the contact information and letter of referral of your physician.


How do I schedule an appointment in a hospital even though I don’t have a referral from my local physician?

You may contact the hospitality desk of the healthcare facility.


Do your hospitals have international accreditation?

There are internationally accredited hospitals in Antalya that are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of the patient and in pursuing excellence in healthcare.


I don’t speak any Turkish? Shall I have communication problems?

Antalya is a world renowned tourism centre where many languages are spoken.  Almost all doctors in Antalya’s hospitals speak English and healthcare facilities will provide you with an interpreter in case the need arises.


Can an accompanying person join me during my medical treatment in Antalya? Where can they stay and are there any social programmes for their enjoyment?

Once you have made an appointment, please inform your hospital about your intention of bringing an accompanying person with you. Your hospital will direct you accordingly to accommodation facilities and travel agencies on your request.


Do I need to pay taxes as a foreign national in the hospital?

According to tax regulations in Turkey, foreign patients need to pay a VAT tax of 8% for all kinds of medical services at the hospitals irrespective of nationality.


How do I travel to Antalya?

Antalya is a major tourism destination that has an extensive network of direct flight connections. Please have a look at the websites of Turkish Airlines (, SunExpress ( and Sky Airlines ( for more information.


Do I need to obtain a visa when travelling to Turkey?

You may find all the necessary information about visa requirements at the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Important Telephone Numbers

  • Tourism Line 179
  • Emergency 112
  • Complaints 184


Useful Websites

  • Turkish Ministry of Health (
  • Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (
  • Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism (
  • Travelling to Turkey (
  • Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (
  • Association of Improving Health Tourism (
  • Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association (
  • World Health Organization (
  • Joint Commission International (



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