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The Surface of the Water is Spakling

Turkey has risen to second place in 2015 in the world in terms of the number of Blue Flag beaches. In total there are 436 Blue Flag beaches in Turkey, and Antalya ranks first with 200 of those beaches. The natural features of the region have helped foster many national swimmers.

Antalya hosts the Open Water Swimming Cup, named after Süleyman Erol who contributed to the development of the sport, and is traditionally held every year in May. This event is organised with the support of Konyaalatı Municipality and occurs simultaneously with the LEN (European Swimming League) Cup of the European Open Water Swimming Championships.

The Alanya Swimming Marathon, another major international event, will take place for the 21sttime in November 2014. The swimming marathon starting from the Cleopatra Beach ends at the Galip Dere Beach after a five kilometre course. Alanya has two Olympic-size indoor and outdoorpools and hosts a number of international and national tournaments.

Every July 1st the Cabotage and Maritime Festival is enthusiastically celebrated in all of the coastal towns and districts of Turkey, along the three different seas. One of the most entertaining activities during the fesitivities is the climbing race on the greased poles of the boats.

Every year in mid-June a festival which pays homage to the name of Lycia, begins in Kaş and lasts for three days. A very significant swimming race is organised as part of this festival, which isjointly held with the inhabitants of the Greek island of Meis lying just across from the district of Kaş. The seven kilometre race starts from the island of Meis and finishes in Kaş.

The 6th ATSO-Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Victory Cup was held in the Sailing, Optimist and Laser categories this year, and takes place annually during the last week of August. This Cup is fiercely contested and takes place off Antalya Port, Konyaaltı Beach, Cape Baba in Lara and Fener.

The annual “Atatürk Memorial Cup” is organised by the Konyaaltı Municipality and is held each August. Another competition takes place in Alanya in April in the Sailing, Optimist and Laser categories.

For a battle with the raging waters and an adrenaline-charged fun experience, we suggest that you visit the Beydağları Köprülü Canyon National Park, ninety-two kilometers from Antalya. TheKöprüçay River within the national park is one of the country's best rafting locations. It lies at the centre of Manavgat and welcomes thousands of adventure lovers with its natural splendour and majestic canyons.

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