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Nature Parks

Güver Canyon Nature Park

The Güver Canyon National Park with its outstanding scenery and remarkable geologicalformations is visited by many local and foreign guests. It is situated in the western part of the Döşemealtı district in Yukarı Karaman in the Düzlerçamı region. The canyon is more than 100 metres deep and is a remarkable reserve for wildlife. Rainfall from the northern mountains accumulates and after traversing the canyon, finally empties into the sea. The observation decks around the canyon offer views of the city as well as the Beydağları Mountains.


The Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park

was established in and around Kurşunlu. The main feature is the Kurşunlu Waterfall formed by the Küçük Topallı Stream. It is a well-maintained park with pathways alongside the stream and small bridges traversing it. The rich animal life and trekking and picnic facilities make it very popular with tourists.


İncekum Nature Park

The İncekum Nature Park is situated by the sea in the district of Alanya. This park is especially well-known for its forest cover and the beach which carries its name. Before it was declared a Nature Park, it was a favourite recreation area used for daytrips. Today it is visited by local and foreign tourists in great numbers who stay in nearby facilities.


Mavikent Nature Park

The name of the Nature Park located at the western part of the Gulf in Kumluca comes from Mavikent District nearby. Before being declared a Nature Park, it was simply used by the locals as a recreation area.

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