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Nature Reserve Areas

There are three official Nature Reserve Areas within the boundaries of Antalya.

Çığlıkara Nature Reserve Area

This reserve area is located west of the Gulf on the Teke Peninsula in Elmalı District and was established to preserve the endangered cedar trees and the large number of endemic plant species and wild animals.

The Çığlıkara Nature Reserve Area has outstanding views of the Çayboğazı Dam and monument trees are located in the area.

Alacadağ Nature Reserve Area

This reserve area is situated in Finike District south of Elmalı. There are more than twenty tree species in the Alacadağ Nature Reserve Area. It is one of the region’s most important ecosystems, with an unspoiled vegetation and protected monument trees. The slopes of Alacadağ have one of the most striking views of the Bay of Finike-Kumluca and offer visitors a pleasant trip in a scenic location.

Dibek Nature Reserve Area

This area was established in the Dibek Forest in Kumluca District. It is one of the major ecosystems in the region, particularly due to the variety of trees, the most common of which is  the cedar tree.

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