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Wildlife Reserve Areas

There are eight Wildlife Reserve Areas in the surroundings of Antalya, designated in order to protect and foster wild animal and plant life.


Sivridağ Wildlife Reserve Area

This wildlife reserve in the vicinity of Sivridağ in Antalya’s Konyaaltı district was established to protect mountain goats, wild boars, hares and partridges in their own natural environment.


Gidengelmez Dağları Wildlife Reserve Area

This wild reserve area in the Gidengelmez Mountains in Akseki district to the north of the gulf has a large number of mountain goats, bears, wild boars, hares, foxes and badgers. The isolation of the Gidengelmez Mountains gives it an additional appeal.


Üzümdere Wildlife Reserve Area

This wildlife reserve area is located along the shores of the Manavgat River in İbradı District, a typical highland district. The main species found in this area is the mountain goat. It is also rich in the number of partridges, hares, wild boars and martens.


Dimçayı Wildlife Reserve Area

Situated in Alanya District this wildlife area covers the upper parts of the Dimçayı Valley. Again the main species in the area is themountain goat, but large number of wild boars, hares, foxes and martens are also seen.


Düzlerçamı Wildlife Reserve Area

The main species that can be found in the Düzlerçamı area just north of Antalya’s city centre are mountain goats and fallow deer. Besides these two main species, wild boars, rabbits, foxes, martens, caracals and partridges live in the reserve. The Düzlerçamı Wildlife Reserve Area is popular with many visitors as it allows for the observation of mountain goats and fallow deer.


Gündoğmuş Wildlife Reserve Area

This lies within the Gündoğmuş District in the midst of the Taurus Mountains and is marked out as a wildlife preserve. The wildlife around Gündoğmuş has been better preserved than other areas, because of its isolation.

One of the main elements of wildlife in the Taurus Mountains are mountain goats, rabbits, martens and foxes in addition to the presence of partridges.


Kıbrısçayı Wildlife Reserve Area

This covers an area starting from the northern end of Kaş District and extends to the foot of the Akdağ Mountains. The most significant species found here is the mountain goat. In addition to wild boars, hares, foxes and martens, badgers in the Kıbrısçayı Valley Floorare among the most common species in this area.


Sarıkaya-Akdağ Wildlife Reserve Area

This covers a very wide expanse around the Oluklu Highland beginning from Sarıkaya Cliffs north of Finike and extends towards theSusuz Akdağ Mountain. It is mainly a wildlife reserve area for mountain goats, wild boars, rabbits and foxes.

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