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Say Hello to a New Life

Prof. Dr. Alper Demirbaş and his team in Turkey have cured thousands of patients to date and have given Turkey a reputation in the field of organ transplants. Demirbaş’ pioneering work has made Antalya a well-known centre for organ transplants. The Akdeniz University Organ Transplantation Training, Research and Application Centre has become one of the world’s leading hospitals in this area. Women and men, both young and old, have received not only new organs, but also a new lease on life, thanks to Demirbaş.


Demirbaş reports that Turkish physicians perform many different organ transplants, and have successfully treated patients from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and the Balkan countries. Foreign patients as well as Turkish expatriates come to Antalya to access the services of Demirbaş and his team in kidney, heart, pancreas, liver or multiple organ transplants.


An Important Reminder

Foreign citizens are not eligible to receive cadaver organs according to Turkish regulations. Only Turkish citizens are eligible for the Turkish Transplant Registry. However, foreign patients are permitted to receive transplants from live donors. This means that cross-transplantation can be made from the patient’s spouse or other relatives (within the fourth degree of consanguinity). Organ compatibility is not necessarily an essential prerequisite, and the medical teams in Turkey are happy to work with compatibility issues in order to provide the best possible patient outcome.

Patients who are diagnosed with end-stage renal failure should immediately contact an organ transplant centre. A new life awaits just as soon as a willing live donor (such as a spouse or relative within the fourth degree) is found. The donor must share the same blood type and must not suffer from hypertension, diabetes or kidney disease.


The specialist team in Antalya carries out kidney transplants as well as liver transplants.

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