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The Monument Trees in the region

Ancient cedar and juniper trees overlook the Gulf of Antalya from their vantage points among the mountains. They are among the most prominent trees of the mountains of Antalya as well as those of Burdur and Isparta. Many cedar and juniper trees are located in remote geographical areas and are preserved as “natural monuments” to extend their lifespan. These monument trees have served as witnesses to time throughout the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

In the Çamkuyuları, Dokuzgöller and Çığlıkara forests in the Elmalı district of Antalya, monument cedar and juniper trees are known by local names such as “Ram Cedar,” “Big Tar,” “Shah Juniper” or “Lion Juniper” and are visited by numerous visitors. The monument trees can be found around the Lakes Region of the Taurus Mountains in the upper elevations of Sütçüler and Senirkent and include juniper, cedar, chestnut and linden trees.

One of the longest-living trees is the plane tree. Plane trees have no preference for higher altitudes, unlike cedar and juniper trees.

They are also popular with many people because of the wide shade they provide. The ageless plane trees in Yalvaç, Altınyayla (Dirmil) and Ağlasun districts have been offering shade and a cool breeze for untold centuries. The same goes for the age-old plane tree in Gedelme, which lies immediately north of Kemer. Another such tree is the “Arapastığı Chestnut Tree” in the heart of İbradı that has been standing for more than a thousand years.

Out of the nine monument trees in Antalya province, six are in Elmalı district and three in Kumluca district. Their ages range from 650-2000 years. Six are cedar trees, two are juniper trees and one is a plane tree.

There are a total of thirteen monument trees in the Isparta province. Their ages range from 1000-2000 years and include five cedar trees, three juniper trees, chestnut trees, plane trees and larged-leaved linden trees. Most of these trees in Isparta are situated in the Sütçüler and Senirkent districts. The famous plane trees of Yalvaç offer cool shade for the cafes lined beneath them and provide a welcome relief for those visiting.

Burdur province has four monument trees within its boundaries and these are located in the Tefenni and Altınyayla (Dirmil) districts. They consist of cedar trees and range from 300-600 years old.

A well-preserved and imposing group of plane trees can be found in the town centre of Altınyayla district, which is also well worth visiting.

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